Commission on Appointment, Irrelevant Then and Now?

Did you ever wondered why the late Jessie Robredo has been functioning as President Aquino’s DILG secretary but was never confirmed by the Commission on Appointment until his demise a couple of years back? Well, sad as it may be, the late Secretary is only one of the thousand government officials who are functioning as one but on papers are not, and the saddest part of it was it has been happening since the time of Emilio Aguinaldo.

For the benefit of the few, the Commission on Appointment is composed of Senators and Representatives, well not all of them but some of them. The commission is being headed by a Senator (more frequently by the Senate President) which is most likely an ally of the President. Officials go goes through the process are Cabinet Secretaries, Heads of other Government branches, AFP and PNP officials, etc. etc.

Can you just imaging, AFP and PNP officials being appointed by a Commission oblivious of their capabilities and not by merits, this alone gives you a glimpse of how ineffective and irrelevant the Commission is, but like what has been said before, this has been happening since our forefathers and like now, it has the same effect, Irrelevant and biased.

When this concept was penned, during President Aguinaldo’s reign, most members of the his government were his allies and most of them are illustrados and persons from the higher echelons of the society both in names and riches. These people are responsible for Apolinario Mabini’s axing in Aguinaldo’s cabinet, and to make it worst, they did it by tainting his image as a paralytic (and to even make it worst (yes its just a tip of the iceberg) they started a rumor saying that he got paralyzed because of Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease).

A couple of hundred years after, nothing has changed, everything remained the same, why?

Why? You’re guess is as good as mine.


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