Are We Discrediting EDSA? (Looks Like It)

Aree we forgetting what happened during the Martial Law to think that it’ just been roughly 40 years since it happened, to make matters worst, we had EDSA. EDSA should have or is helping us to remind what really happened during that era and the action we took to overcome that. But how in the world we are forgetting what our parents, titos and titas, ate and kuyas done in the most famous avenue in the country?

It is out in the open what transpired at that time, the corruption, the cruelty, the killings, the missing persons, name it, but how come the younger generations (including my era) are easily forgetting these unfortunate events?

I am not sure if destiny is making fun of us but take a look at this irony, during the Martial Law, we have a Marcos as a President and an Aquino as a Senator and viola, as of press time, we have an Aquino President and a Marcos Senator, which is most likely to be a Vice President (which will eventually, if he wins the seat, eye for the highest position in 2022).

Are the Marcoses returning to power after all the things they have done in our country? Are we going to just throw those things away and let bygones be bygones? How about the families who had lost their lolos, lolas, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. etc. etc. etc.? In vernacular, “ganun na lang ba yun?“.

Since we are a nation that is fond of pointing fingers, when something went amiss, let us do it with this discussion, for argument sake, or to make this entry longer, which ever is more appropriate.

The Past Presidents. The former dictator was exiled (with his immediate family) in 1986 and died shortly afterwards due to lupus, a kidney disorder. The remains of Marcos was first interred in Hawaii but was given clearance to be brought home just 7 years after the People Power Revolution (where every Filipino wanted him dead), by the then President Fidel Ramos (who had been a high ranking military official during his regime and was one of the first Marcos loyalist to turn the table against his boss). There were also talks for the former Ilocano President to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, during the Estrada and Arroyo administrations. Although when President Aquino won the 2010 election, the talk died, but the front runner of the presidential race is openly talking, if and when he will win the presidency, he will have the remains of Marcos laid in the famous resting place.

Technology. Before, we only had the TV, Radio, and Prints as a source of information (if you count your neighborhood “chismosa” as a source of valid information then so be it), those mediums can (and were) easily controlled at that time, reason why the nation had a limited information to sensitive facts such as classified data and insights from political experts. Fast forward, thanks to social media, everyone is now a historian, an expert, a guru, and so on and so forth. To make matters worst, a Marcos Loyalist, who had no voice or medium back then, can now easily create a fan page in various platforms to project the Marcoses as heroes of the past and the Aquinos as the real traitors and enemies.

The Aquinos. The Cory administration went after their ill gotten wealth, and in fact, commissioned two agencies the PCGG and CHR with the purpose of running after the Marcoses (which has been, and still are, the most ineffective and inefficient government agency since its conception). Unfortunately, after 2 Aquino Presidents, majority of the alleged ill gotten wealth still sits with them (Marcoses), and the true killer and mastermind of their patriarch’s (Ninoy Aquino) assassination is still at large (or probably dead but was never tried in any court), not to mention that they are returning to power.

Education. During my student days, I had never read a book (history) where it says that the reason why we had EDSA is because of Marcos’ cruelty, it focuses on the Peaceful Revolution and not on the Martial Law, it was targeted on the outcome rather than the problem and the solution itself. The Marcos Regime (on my own opinion) can be classified as one of our darkest eras, similar to the Spanish and Japanese regime where cruelty and ruthless killings were stated in our history book, which made us aware of how horrifying those days are, but it was different during Marcos’ time. To make matters worst, a Grade Five History Book in our schools says that the reason why Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972 was because of frequent flooding and typhoons, very sad, they have killed history, and an Aquino (PNoy) let it happen, what a shame.

Now, where am I getting at? I don’t know and I have no clue, or maybe there is actually no argument with this piece but just a simple essay on my feelings about the impact of the EDSA revolution in our current and upcoming generation (if the essence of it is still alive).

One more thing, aside from maybe letting the true value and soul of EDSA live a very short life, is that we had done it again a couple of years back hoping that better things will come the morning after, and yet knowing that it will never come/happen.


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