Crucify Me!

For 300 years we’ve been in the shadows of the Spanish which is predominantly a Catholic country, thus giving us not just some of their ways but also their beliefs and traditions, religion wise. It is also a fact that, the then Catholic Friars and leaders were into flagellation, more overly on the sinners and unbelievers, like what Jesus went through during his passion, which leads to this article.

In our country, Pampanga is so well known to for its colorful Holy Week rights, from “Pabasa” (reading of the Passion of the Christ) to self flagellation and ultimately to Crucifixion, which is the highlight of the pilgrim.

That being said, if Hollywood have Leonardo De Caprio, Pampanga has Ruben Enaje, who had been crucified during these event 29 times, the most (or one of the most) in the country.

A construction worker/laborer by profession, Ruben Enaje had been doing the crucifixion since 1985, after surviving a terrifying fall while working on a site that. Enaje gained massive popularity when TV shows started to cover such events that eventually led international news correspondence and tourists to his act.

Although the country’s health department is against the flagellation and crucifixion, there were no instances of holding off a crucifixion since it’s conception (no recorded event) to its rising popularity in the early 70s.

The Holy Week in the Philippines is being kicked off (officially) by Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday, but the climax and highlight of the “Semana Santa” is the Black Friday, where crucifixion rites (or at least a simulated one), is being held simultaneously around the country.

In addition, Holy Week in the Philippines also signifies vacation, beaches, and long weekends as well as heavy lock downs on roads, sea and air ports.


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