Col. Agapito “Yntong” Bonzon, A Traitor or A Good Soldier?

Is he a traitor, like most of the men behind the death of Supremo Andres Bonifacio, or a very loyal soldier to his superiors that is willing to take every bullet in the name of camaraderie and respect to his commanding officer?

You’d be the Judge.

For those who are unaware who he is, Col. Agapito Bonzon or more popularly known as Col. Yntong, was the arresting officer of Andres Bonifacio in Limbon Cavite on April 28, 1897 , and based on his reports to General Emilio Aguinaldo, he had no recourse but to fight fire with fire, as Bonifacio turned hostile towards him (and his arresting team), when the Supremo learned that he is up for an arrest because of sedition and treason.

He even called Bonifacio his brother and said that he didn’t want to hurt him but he had no choice but to retaliate. After the dust settled, Andres Bonifacio was shot (in the arm) and stabbed in the neck (some claimed that it was Col. Yntong but some also say Col. Ignacio Pawa who had a bronze statue in Cavite). The wounds received by the Katipunan’s Supreme leader made him immovable and immobile and was carried through a hamock into his trial in Maragondon which eventually led to his death sentence together with his brother Procopio.

This was his side, however, there are always two sides of the coin, and according to the accounts of Andres Bonifacio’s widow Gregoria De Jesus or Ka Oryang to many, Col. Yntong’s claims were far from what really happened.

Ka Oryang said that Col. Yntong and his men were cordially welcomed by the Supremo in his house and even asked them to join him for breakfast and gave them packs of cigarettes when Col. Yntong left the Supremo’s dwelling, the day before his arrest.

The next day, the once peaceful Col. Yntong came back but, this time a different beast, he shouted profanities to the Supremo and called him “Walang Hiya“, maybe to urge Katipunan’s Supreme leader to retaliate and project him as a hot headed man, but Bonifacio came back peacefully and said that he had not done anything wrong to anyone in the organization.

However, as he was speaking, a shot was fired that eventually triggered a gun fight between the two factions. After the battle, Andres Bonifacio was fatally wounded, his brother Procopio was beaten senseless and another brother Ciriaco was gunned down. In addition, it was also accounted that Ka Oryang was sexually abused, but this is another story to tell.

It is really hard to tell or brand Col. Yntong as a traitor because of his actions against one of the, if not the most, important person in our history. On the other side of the fence, it is also hard to discredit his action as a regular soldier following an order from his superior(s).

Is it not Aguinaldo who had ordered Col. Yntong to come strong and throw garbs toward the Supremo hoping for the latter to draw his gun first?And is it not Aguinaldo who had ordered Col. Yntong to capture Bonifacio (and his men) dead (because of the stab wound in the neck and a second blow that was thwarted by a loyal Bonifacio man who offered himself to be stabbed instead of the Supremo).

You’d be the judge.


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