Philippine’s Evolution (Educational System)

Long before the Spaniards came to conquer our island, education has been there, but not sophisticated as it was today.

Chieftains or head(s) of the community are the sole responsible for the education of the entire village. They teach basic communication (writing and speaking) as well as the use of their weapons on hunting and wars.

When the Spaniards came, they introduced the proper form of education which was mostly headed and led by religious leaders (University of Santo Tomas – the oldest university in Asia) such as friars or cardinals.

However, the schools that they have opened were exclusive only for Spanish and Half bloods or mestizos, thus making Jose Rizal an illustrado and well educated man and Andres Bonifacio a self thought and educated common people.

When Uncle Sam came into the picture, they opened schools and universities to everybody and made English the primary tool in educating the country, which made them different to the Spaniards who made Spanish exclusive to them and to the half bloods.

The American’s education system is one, if not the, most important thing that they brought here during their regime that is why we are the hub of contact centers in the entire planet.

However, as good as it may, it created confusion to everyone (up until now) because we are incepted and educated, through their books, of snows, pancakes, winters, springs, falls, Santa Claus, etc. which is nonexistent in our country.

When the Japanese Imperial Army marched in, for a short duration, they have maintained the American education system, but required nihonggo as a subject as what they did to Saipan and Singapore during the WWII, which showed their love for Japan.

Of course through course of time our education system evolved from era to era.

During our grandparents, they have Latin subjects, which are heavily influenced by the Spaniards and their religion. My folks had Spanish and when it was my time English, History, Science, and Math were the most important subjects.

Today, as it is continually evolving, young students have visual arts, robotics, programming, and other modern trends, which are dictated mostly by technology.

Sadly, in today’s education system, History and Mother tongue had taken a backseat to give way to the more appropriate and advanced curriculums, which I heavily disagree on.

It is very vital for our education system to push more for, correct and accurate, history so our younger generations would know and appreciate the heroism of our forefathers and in turn, our younger generation will develop their sense of nationalism and love for the country, reason being this website has been created.


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