On This Day In Philippine History. March 17, 1521.

On March 17, 1521 Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and 150 of his crew, landed on the shores of the Philippine Archipelago, they are the first European explorer to set foot in our country.

Through the help of his Malayan interpreter Enrique (of Malacca), he befriended a high Cebu chieftain, Rajah Humabon his wife Ara Amihan, whom later on were converted into Christianity, making them the earliest Christian convert in the Philippines.

In addition, not only the first Filipino Christians, Rajah Humabon and Ara Amihan were also the first owners of the, now tourist attractions in Cebu, the Santo Nino de Cebu and the Magellan’s Cross. These two artifacts were Magellan’s gift to them when they decided to convert into Christianity.

It is well known that Lapu-Lapu killed Magellan, a couple of months after landing and converting the community of Rajah Humabon into Christianity, however, it was not specified in our history books that it was Rajah Humabon who led Magellan to the fierce chieftain of Mactan Lapu-Lapu, with a personal interest against the Philippine’s first hero.

According to accounts, Rajah Humabon and Ara Amihan convinced Magellan to confront Lapu-Lapu because of an outstanding feud between the two chieftains. It is also rumored that the main reason why Rajah Humabon accepted Magellan with open arms and converted his entire town into Christianity is to convince the Portuguese explorer to join him in arms against the Mactan chieftain.

on April 27, of the same year, with a small attack group, Ferdinand Magellan sailed into Mactan to confront Lapu-Lapu, in retaliation of his rejection into conversion, but was struck fatally with a bamboo spear from Lapu-Lapu and his crew.


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