Gil Perez The Filipino Time Traveler

Stephen Hawking had debunked teleportation and said that it is not only mathematically possible but a two dimensional (or whatever you call that one) travel will tear any particle apart, in common tongue, it will shred you into pieces.

However, there was the legend of Gil Perez, who had been accounted to have time traveled from Philippines to Mexico in the 16th century. Although there were no proof that he indeed traveled in space and time, the accounts about his alleged time travel is hard to trash, or so it seemed.

Gil Perez was a guardia civil in the Philippines manning the mansion of the Gobernador General in Manila. Perez’s life is not interesting and rich compared to that of General Luna or Bonifacio, instead, in a modern time, he can be compared to a regular sentry. He guards the gate all day long and retires to his shack at night.

However, everything changed on the night of October 24, 1593. While on his post, he decided to take a short nap, but was surprised to wake up on a very unfamiliar place. Nonetheless, despite of being confused and flabbergasted, he moved on to do his job as if nothing is changed, until someone approached him because he looked foreign and alien.

The person who approached him said that it was impossible for him to be a Filipino because he is now guarding the Plaza Mayor of Mexico City, thousands leagues away from the Philippines.

When interrogated, Gil Perez gave the tale of his teleportation and the assassination of the Philippines’ Gobernador General. The death was obscure to those in Mexico City, but Gil Perez was wearing the uniform of the guardia civil in Manila. He was set in prison since it was deemed that he may be a weakling or a fiend.

Two months after, a galleon landed from the Philippines, bringing news of the Officer’s passing. They said that they knew Gil Perez, however they didn’t know he was in Mexico City. The last time they had seen him was on October 23 at the royal residence.

The legend said that the Mexican authorities sent Perez back to the Philippines but during the course back to home, he was nowhere to be found and had been suspected to traveled in space in time again.


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